Project goals

More specialists for sustainable companies in the Heidekreis

Idea and requirement for the “WelcomeCenter Heidekreis” result from the difficult skilled labour situation in the Heidekreis. This is where the project addresses the problem of a shortage of skilled workers throughout Germany. Not only in the so-called shortage occupations such as gastronomy, car, crafts or logistics are the skilled workers lacking, other industries also complain about the shortage.

Against this background, the economic development agency of the Heidekreis district, together with the Allianz für Fachkräfte Nordostniedersachsen and the European Social Fund is supporting the “WelcomeCenter Heidekreis – Arriving and Staying” project. The Volkshochschule Heidekreis GmbH carries out the project in close cooperation with the sponsors.

Project overview

Feel Good-Management

Support and accompaniment of employees from other countries


Service point

For trainees and new employees from other countries


Corporate network

Exchange of experience and information on the demand and supply of skilled workers

The project aims to improve the skilled labour situation in the Heidekreis, in particular to provide structural support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including the creation of a successful welcome culture. People from other countries are placed and actively supported by the project staff. During the project period, the new workers and trainees will be accompanied individually with the aim of arriving and staying.

The following objectives will be pursued:


The actual recruitment of skilled workers and trainees from other countries does not take place within the framework of the project. The linguistic and intercultural preparation of the participants is also organised and carried out by agents in the home countries outside the funding project. Nevertheless, if you are interested or an entrepreneur of a small or medium-sized company, please contact the WelcomeCenter Heidekreis service point. We will also be happy to support you in these questions in order to develop constructive solutions.

WelcomeCenter Heidekreis – Arriving… and staying.