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Support for small and medium businesses

Are you an employer in a small (fewer than 50 employees, max. annual balance sheet total 10 million Euros) or medium-sized company (fewer than 250 employees, annual balance sheet total 43 million Euros)?

Welcome to our website! You have come to the right place on our homepage. True to our motto: “Welcome, arriving and staying” we want to recruit new workers and trainees from other countries for the Heidekreis and inspire them to stay permanently.

We are going down this road together with the business development agency of the Heidekreis district and the Allianz für Fachkräfte Nordostniedersachsen. The pilot project is supported by the European Social Fund. The services are free of charge for you as an entrepreneur as well as for the workforce and trainees.

As an entrepreneur, you are also aware of the fact that demographic change does not stop at the Heidekreis. As can be seen throughout Germany, this is accompanied by a shortage of skilled workers. Employers are increasingly realising that it is becoming more and more difficult to find qualified workers on the domestic market. In order to cover the current or future demand for skilled workers, the recruitment of international skilled workers can be another way. It is therefore important to break new ground.

In addition to the welcome culture lived in your company, the WelcomeCenter Heidekreis can be a meaningful support and supplement. The aim is to make the start of the new employees as pleasant as possible and to retain the skilled workers for the long term. In addition, the operational structures can be relieved by the services of our WelcomeCenter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you

  • are a small or medium-sized enterprise from the Heidekreis (SME),
  • are looking for workers and trainees or already employing staff from other countries,
  • are an employer who pays its staff according to collective agreements and adheres to the criterion “good work” (good work: no precarious employment relationships, collectively agreed remuneration) or
  • are interested in a cooperation with the WelcomeCenter Heidekreis.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation!