A warm welcome to all employees

in the attractive Heidekreis

welcome…as a specialist

Did you obtain a degree in your profession in your home country and are now working in a small or medium-sized company in Germany? Glad you could make it!


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welcome… as a trainee or apprentice

You are completing an apprenticeship here in Germany or would like to start an apprenticeship?

Good to know

Unlike in your home country, many professions in Germany are trained in the dual system. This means that you learn practical work in a company and theory at a vocational school. Training lasts between two and three years. In the guide “Training in Germany for Foreigners” you will find many tips on how to choose the right apprenticeship or on how to apply. There is also information about support programmes or how you can improve your German in your home country.

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welcome… as a new employee

You have convinced a German company of your knowledge and talents as an employee, work there and need support?

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welcome… as a worker in an adjustment qualification

You have a foreign vocational qualification, a professional qualification or professional experience and would like to obtain the equivalence of your qualification in Germany by means of an adjustment qualification? On the basis of the Recognition Act, the equivalence of the foreign professional qualification with the German reference occupation can be checked.

Good to know

There are many professions in Germany in which you can work directly if you have found a suitable job (non-regulated professions). You don’t need formal recognition. Nevertheless, a recognition procedure can be advantageous, even if your qualification is not recognised, because your foreign professional qualification can become more understandable for German employers.

In the case of regulated professions (especially professions in the health sector, e.g. doctors, occupational health nurses and nurses as well as in the social or educational sector), you need recognition of your foreign training and qualifications in order to work in Germany without restrictions.

You can also find general information on the welcome on the website of the Federal Ministry for Migration and Refugees.

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welcome… looking for work in Germany while being in your home country

You are thinking about getting a job in the beautiful Heidekreis. Look through the ZAV (Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung der Bundesagentur für Arbeit) for vacancies that match your profile. The ZAV places specialists for the international labour market. On the websites of the Agentur für Arbeit you will find a large online job exchange where you can search for specific vacancies:

Another internet address for specialists from abroad is the official multilingual online portal of the Federal Government “Make it in Germany”. Here you will find current job offers and information about the industries in which skilled workers are sought. You can also read about international experts who have already made a successful career in Germany: www.make-it-in-germany.com


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