WelcomeCenter Heidekreis

Arriving... staying.

We are the service point for

The WelcomeCenter Heidekreis is the central point for skilled workers, trainees and new employees in an adaptation qualification from other countries as well as companies in the district of the Heidekreis who have pronounced difficulties in meeting their demand for trainees and workers on the domestic labour market.

Here you can find out about our project goals. We are looking forward to hearing from you


Does your company want to give motivated employees the chance to work and/or train, qualify and live in the Heidekreis?


We are the contact person


• for the support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
• for international partners and contact brokers
• for comprehensive questions about work, education, qualification and life in the Heidekreis


You appreciate the skills and experience of your new employees but need some support to turn an “arrival” into a “stay” in the Heidekreis? The WelcomeCenter Heidekreis team supports you in many ways.

Workforce from foreign countries

You come from another country and would like to work, learn and live in the Heidekreis, in the middle of the attractive Hamburg-Hanover-Bremen triangle?


We are the contact person


• for professionals
• for apprentices
• for new employees
• as well as for workers in an adaptation qualification


You have the courage and the enthusiasm to offer your skills and talents on the German job market. There is a lot to consider. The WelcomeCenter Heidekreis team will be happy to provide you with comprehensive support in achieving your goals.