Stay in the Heidekreis

Important information about family, language and so forth

You have settled in the beautiful Heidekreis and then you decide to stay in the Heidekreis and settle with your family in this attractive district? That is a good idea.

Subsequent immigration of (the) family (members)

 Your family members, who are themselves Union citizens or nationals of Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Switzerland, can prove their right of residence and access to the labour market through their passport and confirmation of registration.
If you have family members who are themselves neither EU nor EFTA citizens, they will need a visa for entry to Germany. 


For more information about this subject go to the website of the German Government.

Language and vocational training

You get along well linguistically at work or during your training, but it is important to you that you learn German properly? Have you noticed how important the language is for you to manage everything yourself and to develop your career in Germany?

The WelcomeCenter Heidekreis team will be happy to advise you or to help you decide which course or institution is right for you.

Kindergarten and school

If your children are younger than six years, then register them in a day care centre: This is a great way for your children to make friends and learn German. In the Heidekreis there are numerous day care centres for children. In Germany, children from the age of six have to go to school. By the way, most schools are state-run and therefore free of charge.

What else would you like to know?

We are happy to discuss your questions with you. We support you in organizing your new life in the Heidekreis. What would you like to know?

  • Where is the nearest school?
  • What is the school system like here?
  • Where are the childcare facilities?
  • Where can I get further support?
  • Where can I spend my free time?
  • Which sports clubs can I attend?

 Any question is welcome… for you to stay!

Please feel free to contact us.